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What is the EMAS FARMING project?

  Avestruz de una explotación en Paracuellos  It is an experimental action to create gradual approach models that foster the progressive participation of agricultural organisations within the new framework proposed by EMAS.

It also aims at showing the agricultural sector that an optimum environmental management may be the synonym of cost saving and improvement in market competitiveness. In addition, it can reinforce food safety aspects.


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Why does the project arise?

· On a community level and above all in the countries of the cohesion fund, the agricultural sector is small and in 99% of the cases it would be the equivalent to a micro-company.

· On the other hand, the continuous transformation and regulation of the sector is demanding a continuous adaptation on the market with oscillating prices, not sufficiently protected by the guarantee prices established for those products in certain C.M.O, within the framework of the CAP or with the presence of limitations derived from the production quotas, which, in the owners of small agricultural farms, cause feelings of offence and lack of receptiveness to the community policies and to voluntary approaches such as EMAS..

· However, it is a sector with a high sigificant impact on the environment.

· And a sector where it is difficult to introduce innovating elements (Due to reasons of situation, tradition, etc.)

In addition, there are other problems to be considered:

· Identification by small farms of the "environmental improvement" concept as an additional cost.

· Regulatory framework with excessive legal regulations, which makes it difficult to accept voluntary environmental improvement approaches.

· · Knowledge of the international standard ISO by the sector, lack of knowledge of EMAS.

· Significant degree of association insufficiently exploited to introduce innovative formulas that generate specialised employment in the environment area.

· Lack of knowledge of the figure of "environmental auditor" as a professional profile, as well as his functions, as included in the EMAS regulations..

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