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CHow to reach the objectives

· Selection of a pool of agricultural farms from different sectors (test base).

· Diagnosis of needs, environmental impacts and savings potentialities.

· Preparation of a "test catalogue of good practices and best available techniques" adapted to the identified needs.

· Evaluation of minimisation of environmental impacts generated and costs savings obtained.

· Application of a permanent dissemination strategy at different territorial levels and scales.

· Preliminary grouping together of small common or disperse needs in the environmental field to generate sufficient "market base" for new contracts.

· Specialised treatment of needs under shared cost formulas to generate specialised employment

· Specialised training in parallel processes to the diagnosis and to the application of test catalogues.

Expected results

· Validation and implementation of a gradual approach programme for the participation of the agricultural sector in EMAS.

· Participation of more than 100 farms.

· Validation of two innovative models of "management of needs" as formulas to generate specialised employment.

· Catalague of applications and Best Available Technique adapted to the sector to demonstrate economic savings together with environmental improvements.

· Creation of 25 direct jobs.

· Obtaining of impact minimising levels in the sector (40% soil, 60% water, 10% atmopshere).

· Dessemination products (Web, publications, mass-media).

· Dissemination of the model validated on a regional, national and community level.


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